Really it's me

So we've running around crazy style. Between cramming as much in as possible while Hubby is in between underways and getting ready for Baby, I feel like the month has flown by.

The Navy decided they needed new uniforms. Why? To look more cohesive with the rest of the armed forces. That's what they say at least. I think they just needed a reason to help boost the economy. From my 2 seconds googling, I think there are about 400,000 personnel currently in the Navy. Why not have them all shell out gobs of money for new outfits. And, in case you didn't click on the link - the uniforms are less than attractive. You aren't allowed to tailor them so they just hang like bags.

Hubby needed me to call the 800 number to order some new undershirts for these snazzy uniforms. Only in the Navy does getting a new uniform also entail new boots, new undershirts, new socks and I wouldn't be shocked if he told me to order the official underwear for him. The uniform shop on base is small and lacking since everyone is scrambling to get everything all at once.

On base, they will sometimes ask you for your military ID. Uniforms are only allowed to be purchased by authorized personnel after all.

In order to prove I was in deed ordering for Hubby (what civilian isn't secretly trying to order these official Navy shirts that look exactly like blue t-shirts?), I needed to provide them with some information. Last time I called, they asked for his social security number and name.

This time I was asked for his: full name, rank, date of birth, social security number, full address with zip code, email and how long we've lived here. Seriously. For 5 t shirts. Is there that big of an underground ring of improperly buying and wearing solid blue shirts?

Someday life will be easy. Someday.