Feeling worn down. By a bunch of things. A bunch of small things. And, a few major things.

Tired. Not the sleepy tired. The exhausted don't want to move or think tired.

Hoping it all gets better soon.
Or as better as it can get.



Monkey is teething. It's rough. Like crazy, insane, makes me want to hide in the closet rough.

His first tooth finally came through Saturday. The second one is almost all the way through.

He's in a lot of pain. The mellow child could currently be in a commercial for colic. He's been up since 2 am screaming in pain. The only times he's hushed where while I was nursing him.

I've done the Orajel. I've done the cold washcloth. I've done the pressure on his gums. I've done the magical melting tablets.

The only thing left recommended by google is whiskey. I'm not sure I'm ready for that. The Bear was a bad teether; this is nothing new. He did get comfort from the other things though. Nothing seems to be helping. The constant crying breaks my heart (and hurts my head).

I really try to limit the chemicals and yucky things that get into the boys bodies. Which is worse? Whiskey-ed qtips on the gums or being in that much pain for that long? If anyone can find actual evidence that the alcohol is bad, please pass it along.
When my grandma suggested it for The Bear I thought she was insane. Now, I just might be insane.



My Family from WiddlyTinks.com

I'm loving all the silhouette art work around. I'm a fan of personalized things - for the boys, myself and the family in general. I found this and I'm wanting to make it bigger for something. It's not our real silhouettes so I'm sure if it's lame.

Does anyone have any suggestions or links for something I can do with our silhouettes?



We've been having lots of fun family times lately. It's so weird to have Hubby home and not have the boat home. It's actually slightly amazing and giving us a taste of what shore duty will be like.

Since Hubby is actually awake in the evenings and able to have a coherent conversation, we've been doing a lot of planning and dreaming and just generally trying to figure out where our lives are going.

I love being a SAHM. Insanely hard and much harder than expected for sure. I like that I know my children though. I know how they think and can typically predict their behavior. They grow up so quickly and I don't want to miss it. My opinion is that I would gladly give up some luxuries now to be able to be such a part of their daily memories.

How long can you be a SAHM before it's just weird? I would like to point out that being a mom is only part of my job. I'm also a cook, maid, laundress, personal shopper, dog walker . . . once the boys are bigger I know I'll be adding chauffeur to that list. I had a friend in high school who was an only child and her mom still stayed at home. Then, she went to college. Her mom still stayed at home.

I am in no way putting down SAHMs of bigger kids. I also want to feel useful in life. So what's the cutoff? Where does it cross the line? I'm sure if you have family with disabilities this could also change the age.