Mrs Einstein herself

I was talking to 2 other moms this morning while our boys were all playing. We all have sons born within 2 months of each other.

Mom 1: "You missed a spot when you were brushing your teeth."
Mom 2: "I don't let him brush his teeth. I do it for him."

They both turned to me to see the tie breaking vote. I let The Bear brush his teeth by himself because he loves it and I want him to learn. Then, I re-brush his teeth for him so it gets done well.

It's not often I find myself feeling brilliant these days. I wonder who else has any cool genius tips for child rearing. Any one want to share?


You think I would know not to plan

Well, I did it. I put The Bear down to sleep with no pacifier.

You know what. He did just fine. He cried for less than 10 minutes. I went to take a shower to drown out the initial cries (and because I was still in my pajamas from the night before and felt gross). When I got out, he was quiet. Sound asleep. PACIFIER FREE!

I know better than to consider this a complete victory. We'll have to go through a few nap times and a couple more nights before I have declared myself the winner.

While I am pleasantly surprised, I almost have to laugh at myself. I do all this planning and trying to strategically pick the best date. Long enough after his sickness to get his little lungs healed, far enough before homecoming so he's adjusted before Hubby comes home . . . all for nothing! The Bear has once again reminded me that he does things in his own time. I can try my hardest to be logical and organized, but I just have to go with it.

Perhaps The Bear really is the winner in all this . . .

preparing to be the mean mommy

Tonight is the night.

I am taking away The Bear's pacifier. He's 13 and 1/2 months old. He only uses it when he's sleeping (naps and nights) now. I want to get him off of it before Hubby gets home. I know I can partially tune out the screaming, but I don't want Hubby to have to endure that. I'm not so sure it's one of his strong suits. He's going to want to come home to a nice, loving home - not one with temper tantrums at night. I know the longer The Bear has it, the harder it's going to be to kick the habit. He was at this point in the middle of December, but being sick set him back a few paces.

I am preparing myself for the screaming that is going to come. The best moral support just came from a friend with a 15 month old boy. She reminded me it wasn't going to be the last time he was mad at me. Or the maddest he would ever be with me.

Part of being a Momma.


25 Random Things

So I stole this from Facebook. You're supposed to list 25 random things about yourself and then tag people. Here's my list. If you read this, consider yourself tagged. Leave me a comment so I can come see your list :-)

1. I have an obsession with names. I need to know everyone's middle names. I also judge you by your name. I figure the type of name your parents give you will reflect the values they raise you with. Harmony Rose is probably going to be raised with different priorities than Mary Katherine.

2. I consider thank you notes to be required. It irks me when people (especially children) don't send thank you notes for gifts.

3. I used to be a huge control freak. I'm still a control freak, but since The Bear was born I think the huge part has been let go.

4. I love staying home with The Bear. I would love to stay home as long as we can afford it, but I feel guilty for "wasting" all my education.

5. I'm not a fan of cartoons. I never liked them as a kid, and I really don't want The Bear watching them.

6. My favorite color is yellow. Hubby's is blue. It makes my heart insanely happy that The Bear loves green. The whole yellow + blue = green thing.

7. The Puppy was my wedding gift. I said I didn't want to be alone during deployments and needed a dog.

8. I miss a lot of my friends from high school and college. I'm lucky enough to have 2 groups of girls that I still talk to. The high school girls are Regardless and college girls are the Mondays.

9. There is a part of me that wishes I was more fashionable and cute. There's a bigger part that's just too lazy.

10. I am a very picky eater. I like things plain. I refuse to eat sea food, and I'm not really a fan of any food that has a bone still in it.

11. I love being a Navy wife. There are parts that stink, but parts of everything stink. I am amazed at the places we go and the people we meet.

12. I am convinced the reason Hubby liked me at first was that my dad could get him Cubs tickets.

13. I have a stuffed bunny from my first Easter that I am obsessed with. He has gone everywhere with me. I hid him in Hubby's sea bag to keep him company during the deployment. It was perhaps the most loving thing I've ever done. BUT, I want him back when they return.

14. I want people to be fair. I know things aren't fair, but it really bothers me when my family and friends aren't fair.

15. My family is full of medical mysteries. We get really sick and they can never figure out why.

16. I would like to have 1 or 2 more kids. If we aren't able to though, I am very glad that we have The Bear. I have no problems with raising an only child.

17. I was an exchange student in high school to Germany and spent a summer during college in Paris. I love traveling. I only have 5 states left to go to.

18. I miss Hubby a ton, but I've adapted to being alone. I'm going to have to readjust to sleeping on one side of the bed and falling asleep with the TV on. I can manage though.

19. I love dresses. I typically am not a skirt type of girl, but I love wearing dresses.

20. Being a mom has changed me in weird ways. I am much more open with gross and personal things now.

21. I have a fear of being left out. There's a long emotional story I can go into, but I know I just need to suck it up.

22. I love taking pictures. I'm working on Project 365 now which is where you take a picture every day for a full year.

23. I used to hate crying. Being pregnant changed that. I still have problems crying because of what is actually upsetting me so random things can cause me to bust out in tears. But, I'll always do it in private.

24. I like (or dislike) things based on the environment I experience them in.

25. I only write in black ink. In 7th grade, I wrote in a different color of ink every week. In 8th, I switched to only black ink. I haven't looked back since.


I am so pretty!

Well, I'm not pretty. The blog is though! Casey volunteered to make me a header and she was able to whip something up with my limited instructions. By volunteered I mean she put up an open invitation and I swooped in to take advantage and get rid of the boring options Blogger gave me.

I am in love with it. It's amazing how much it suits me. You can see the other cool things she's able to create here.

Thank you so much!


Because I can

I am that mother. You know me. You might have a mom like me. Maybe you are like me.

The Bear is pretty adorable. Sometimes though, he does things that I know will completely embarrass him in the future. I am presented with the choice of quietly moving on and respecting him as a person. OR I can whip out my camera to document it.

We were hanging out in my (and hubby's) bathroom. By hanging out, I mean I was getting ready and The Bear was unrolling all the toilet paper. I wasn't paying complete attention. I knew he was unrolling toilet paper and making a mess. I was just handling it and trying to get ready faster than my normal 5.2 second average.

I look over and see this:

To which I am completely mortified that my son is playing with tampons. (Not mortified enough to snatch them away and not take a picture, but you get the idea)

The Bear finally looks up at me and offers me one.

I am fully aware of the ramifications of this post and am willing to pay the therapy bills in 15 years. Right now, I just think it's funny though.


Miss America

There's just something about watching Miss America that makes me want to make cookies.

Warms my heart

Saturdays are notorious for being stinky when your hubby is gone. This one has actually been pretty good so far though.

Here is a little something to make you smile!

I love how it isn't that you have to be there ALL the time which can make all those military dads feel better. It's just being there when you are there.

PS. I love the Ad Council. Pre-Bear, Pre-Hubby it was my dream to work for them.
PPS. Does anyone know how to make the youtube window show up in the blog?


Not my idea of romantic!

A few days before Hubby is scheduled to pull into a port, I always log into his email to delete a bunch of the junk. Since internet is sketchy at best, I try to make it as fast as possible for him to see his emails. And, I might be insanely nosy. That's a whole other post though.

Anyways, I logged in tonight and found this:

I guess this also discloses the fact that Hubby sometimes has the tendencies of a 12 year old boy. He's gotten better. He used to tape it every week. Now, he'll just watch it if he's home and still awake. But, seriously? WWE is romantic? In what way is fake fighting about love?

Hubby if you read this: Never ever buy me something from WWE and expect me to find it romantic. Or even be pleased.


Anyone sew?

I'm trying to sew (2 layers of thin cotton material), and my machine keeps eating the material.
Any ideas for why? Or even better - any ideas for how to fix it?

If Target bums you out

Don't shop at Toys R Us!

Target has quite the stingy return policy now. I have no idea when it switched over to the YOU MUST HAVE A RECEIPT world, but I am not a fan. On the bright side, they will give you 2 per year without a receipt as long as it's less than $30. They scan you driver's license which seems a bit big brotherish to me, but I'm a good citizen so I have nothing to hide.

I tried to return a toy to Toys R Us (a Fisher Price ball thingy I know they carry), and I was met with less than cooperative people. They can do nothing for you if you don't have a receipt. NOTHING! All I wanted was a nice little store credit. If The Bear gets one more toy, I think we will need to move into a bigger house. With his birthday and Christmas so close together (yes, my fault not his), our house is busting at the seams. I do recommend Target's Itso storage system, but there are only so many things a 13 month old can play with.

What's with all the less than helpful return policies? I know the economy is stinky, but I know I'll be much more hesitant to buy things when it's a pain in my tush to return them!


When it rains, It pours

Today was one of those days when I thought the world was going to end. Now, I'm not like The Bear who feels this way every time he's not eating dinner by 5:05 pm.

I was sick. Very sick. I have no idea why, but my friend who was at the meeting last night had the exact same thing. I'm over it now, but it was a rough 12 hours.

Any time I stood up or sat up, I had extreme nausea. I was throwing up most of the day. The nail in the coffin came around 3 pm.

I ran into the bathroom knowing the goal was just to get there quickly. Of course, The Bear and Puppy had to follow me in, because they ALWAYS follow me in. I can't wait for Hubby to be home so I can go to the washroom by myself. Anyways, I am not throwing up with The Bear and Puppy on my lap. If you've never done this, you are lucky. If you have, you understand. I knew there was a short break before I would throw up again so I flush the toilet.

It's clogged.

The OMG moment has hit. I plop The Bear next to me so I can quickly stand up and scurry to another bathroom. What does The Bear do? For the very first time ever, he flushes the toilet. Now I have water overflowing all over the place and about 2.3 seconds to get to a different bathroom.

Luckily, my quick mom reflexes enabled me to pick up The Bear before he is covered in pukey water. I'm glad today is over. I'm ready for Hubby to be home.



I totally just realized how long 6 months is.

It's been less than that, and I'm amazed at what Hubby has missed already. Not the small family stuff (big to me, but not majorly exciting to someone who lives outside a world of diapers and sippy cups).

Obama has been inaugurated.
Blagojevich got into some trouble.
Obama was the President Elect, and Bush took a "vacation". (I'm not blaming Bush for that one. He's had 8 years of being yelled at with no one to pass the buck to. After 5 months of diapers, I'm ready to pass The Bear off for a few hours. Besides, there are enough other things to remember him by.)
Obama was elected.
The economy went ca-put.
The Cubs went to the postseason (This is a major event for us)
Republican convention.
McCain picked Palin for VP (That was fun to explain in an email to Hubby who was obsessed with McCain. Who is she? He picked a girl? From Alaska?)
Democratic convention.
Obama picked Biden for VP.

Doesn't that seem so very long ago? Add into that mix, all our birthdays, our anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not too much longer to wait!

44th Reflections

Here are some random thoughts about the little shin dig that happened today.

-Obama and I have the same carafe! It was next to him by his seat. I wish I cold feel special, but it's from Crate & Barrel. I'm guessing there are million other people who are just like me and O.

-In every military building, there are pictures of the chain of command at the front. Of course, the President is at the top. Do you think all the pictures have been replaced yet? When will they be? The constitution dictates the offical change over at noon regardless of the time of the oath. WhiteHouse.gov was updated at 12:01 PM.

-I know Michelle was seated in the row behind Barack so they could do that awesome shot of the top of them. But seriously, if Hubby was elected President I would want to be sitting next to him.

-People were moving all about during the National Anthem. Obama has been well trained. He snapped to attention. He really is groomed for the position and ready for photographs. He is an amazing public speaker, too.

-When The Bear saw the Navy choir, he said DaDa. I'm not sure if it was random or if he recognized the uniform.

-Michelle and Laura need to button their coats. I know they want to show off their coats, but be practical! Both boys are all buttoned up (Obama is showing a bit more shirt than George is though). I love that no matter what you have your stereotypical red tie and blue tie.

-It really reminds me of a wedding. SO much planning for less than an hour.

-I am glad that so many people care. Yes, this is history being made. But doesn't that happen with every inaguration? Actually - doesn't it happen every day? Every day is a chance to build our own history. Regardless of who is President.


Random Insight

I love Bravo. The shows are just so silly and mindless and entertaining. I was watching Real Housewives of Orange County wasting time until I went to sleep.

Vicki is a workaholic and had gone back to her parents' house. She was explaining why she needed to work so much - so she could get all the stuff she wanted or needed.

Her mom's response was "Want less."

It struck me as so true. How much happier would be all be if we just wanted less.

PS. I still want Hubby home. Now. Or yesterday. The rest of my wants can wait though.


Friday Night Adventures

Last night, I braved the cold and hauled myself and a snowsuited Bear to go to Target. We didn't need anything, but I needed to get out of the house and walk about. Besides, who doesn't love Target (in spite of their awful return policy, Target holds a dear place in my heart).

They had a lot of their baby gear on sale. The clothes weren't anything to write home about, but some of the strollers were mega marked down. They had the double stroller I have been obsessed with for super cheap. It was $42! It's normally $170. I must confess, I am not pregnant. I have one child. I would like to have another baby in the near future, but since hubby is deployed it's going to be a bit before we can even try. How could I not buy it though? It's the kind where The Bear can sit, kneel or stand in the back half. His part will hold up to 40 pounds which will be when he's 13 at this rate. I felt so foolish buying it now, but it was just too good to pass up. Yes, I am that shopper retailers love. I also can admit that if we don't need it, I can probably sell it on craigslist for virtually the same price I paid. It will be hard to get to that stage and part with it, but I'm not going into this completely delusional.

We also had dinner out. It was just Pizza Hut, but it was fun to eat out. I was a little peeved at the less than friendly wait staff. I walked in carrying The Bear, and the hostess says as loudly as possible, "Just one." No, not one. Can you see this thing I'm carrying. He's a person. And, can you not point out to the world that I am the only adult. I know I'm oversensitive about this. I miss Hubby tons. I would guess that most people dining alone on a Friday night would be though. As were eating dinner, 2 old ladies pass our table. I can see them looking at my hand to see if I have a ring on. Yes. I do. I am happily married. Please keep your judgmental opinions to yourself.

I miss Hubby. He can reassure me when I'm feeling silly. He can defend me when people are just rude. Not too much longer though :-)



Today is a snowy day which I absolutely love. There is something so very peaceful when you look outside and see the fresh blanket of clean snow. Granted, you can't look out our side window unless the puppy prints bring you a sense of peace.

I had a doctor appointment this afternoon and a friend volunteered to come over to my house (toting her 1 year old son) and stay with The Bear while I went. The Bear napped the entire time which was the goal. She didn't mind since her son took a nap here too. It was nice to be able to quickly run in and out and not worry about The Bear. It was definitely the break I needed.

Someone else posted this about what moms do all day. All I can say is thank you. For putting into words what I feel. For making me feel like I'm not the only one.


Wearing down . . .

I know Hubby will be home soon. For that, I am so eternally grateful.

I love being home with The Bear. I love being able to be with him and watch him grow. I love that Hubby has allowed me this opportunity.

But, I am wearing down. The Bear is a lot of work. He has been especially cranky lately and ohmygosh. A break sounds so amazing.

We were able to go see Hubby a few times during this deployment (which I highly recommend to everyone who can), but he was busy and tired there, too. He did what he could, but I was still the primary caregiver.

The longest I've been away from The Bear ever has been 3 hours. I love him with my whole heart, but I'm wearing down. It's a struggle to keep my patience. To be just as loving after the 4 hours of screaming.

I would not have traded being a SAHM for anything. But right now, I'm feeling selfish and guilty. I can't imagine how it would feel to have an afternoon or morning or evening where I didn't have to worry about changing diapers, being constantly entertaining or listening for cries. I can't believe I'm actually going to post this. I'm just hoping there is some other mom out there that understands. That loves her child more than herself. But just wants someone to take care of her.

Not too much longer until my teammate comes back. I know I can make it. I just wish it was sooner.


Different Sides

I am well aware that I act differently around different people. We all do. I'm going to carry myself differently when I'm with Hubby and my immediate family than when I'm at a formal boat meeting.

I am still very close with 3 of my best friends from high school. We have been friends for 10 years now and consider each other "regardless" friends. We've all grown and changed, but we will love each other regardless. We were able to get together one night which very rarely happens since we're so spread out and insanely busy.

They know me in a way few people do. There is a quote "tied together by stuff too difficult to explain to someone new". That's us.

But, now there is a whole other side of me. I am married. I have a son. I have a deployed husband. While they do their best to show support through emails and care packages, they can't get it. I was lucky enough to become very close to one of the wives whose hubby is with mine. We've gone through the last year together. She knows things about me that no one else does. She knows because she's going through it with me. We are also tied together.

I am very blessed to have found such great friends. I can't imagine going through this deployment (and life for that matter) without them.

PS. Hubby is my best friend. But, sometimes I need a girl opinion :-)



As my life is starting to return to normal after the hectic holidays, I have 2 seconds to myself to write. The bear and I went back to my parents' house for Christmas and such. It didn't go as planned (shocker), but I think I handled it all pretty well.

My parents are getting older. Yes, I understand that tends to happen. However, they are not aging gracefully to say the least. The two of them are falling apart. I had hoped to help them out some - in spirits and physically - while we were in IL.

4 days before we had to leave to drive back home, I decided to paint my old bathroom. It's the extra bathroom upstairs that was redone for my 13th birthday. It was cool then, but wall paper in a bathroom is not a good idea. It is a very bad idea when you have a teenage girl who loved long showers, and it's been 11 years.

I knew it would be a lot of work to take down the mirror, strip the wallpaper, paint and get it all hung up again in 3 days. I watch HGTV though. I knew all the tricks to stripping wallpaper.

WAY more work than I thought it would be, but I loved it. It was nice to see something transformed. The quick (relatively) results were good for me. Everything here is focused on 6 months so a change in less than a week was refreshing. It's not a professional job, but trust me it's better than the 11 year old peeling wallpaper.

I also think well in the bathroom. I only worked on it while The Bear was sleeping so I was able to have time just for me. Yes, I was busy. It was therapeutic though. I feel better coming home.

Now I just wait for homecoming.



I'm finding more and more people talking about Twitter. Since I am addicted to Facebook (and have been for the last 5 years), I thought I would give it a whirl.

The problem is now I can't find anyone that said they were on there. I got all excited and signed up. I even uploaded a picture. Granted, it was a picture from the Pre-Bear days. I don't have any pictures of me . . . especially since Hubby left for deployment.

Anyways. Does anyone Twitter?

A more coherent post will be coming in a few days once I return back home.