(incourage) brighten a day

I worked at Hallmark in high school. True story. It made me a bit of a card snob; American Greetings just doesn't cut it. The Hallmark I worked at also carried a line of Christian based cards under the label DaySpring. You can find their products online and in most Christian bookstores. I've always loved their simple messages and comforting colors.

As a mom, I've also become much more aware of the things we have in our house. I want the boys to grow up in a Christian home and that means more than bedtime prayers and church on Sundays. I want to live a Christian life to the best of my abilities. That means lots of love, forgiveness and faith.

I remember a sermon when I was a kid that talked about what our houses say about our faith. If someone came into your house and looked at your calendar, would he know you were a Christian? If he looked in your checkbook would be see you living a giving life. If Jesus walked into your house right now, would you be ashamed of any of the books, magazines or shows on your DVR?

One of the things I want the boys to know is that we are meant to support each other. While we can't fix everyone's troubles, we can offer encouragement, prayers and love. While mission trips are great and needed, there is plenty of support we can give from our own homes.

Back before Bear and Monkey entered my life, I would spend hours searching for the perfect card. Now, I live more in the grab and go world. When I was glancing through their products, I loved the set of Hope & Encouragement cards. Real cards have the ability to change someone's day, and the 10 pack was more realistic than buying cards one and a time. There's always someone in my life that could use a pick me up. Having the cards already at home means I won't be making excuses for not doing my part to lighten other's burdens. I was a little concerned with buying a bulk pack. You know they always put the most adorable one on top and then you get the awkward ones at the bottom. I was so pleased that every single card was just as meaningful and honest as the last.

I also loved that at the top of the pack they included a sheet for you to list 10 people in your life that could use some encouragement. What a simple way to remind others that you care. Spending 5 minutes listing people out is another way to keep the cards and love from being shoved to the bottom of the to do pile. (You know you have a pile just like that on your counter.)
Head over to DaySpring to see how you can brighten a day or read the reviews of others to get some ideas for simple acts to encourage others.

I was sent a package of these adorable cards for free to share them my opinions with others. There is no other compensation besides the package of cards and allowing me to brighten someone's day.