gym membership

We were going to join The Y (which is what the YMCA is now officially called) in January. We had asked for sponsorships for the boys' Christmas presents. Swim lessons and art classes are way better for us than more toys they don't need.

It's January 26th, and I still haven't gotten over there to sign us up. No big deal really. I'm assuming all the other new years resolution-ers will be tapering off shortly anyways.

I was feeling very fluffy. Fluffy is that mix of fat and puffy that comes from winter, PMS and feeling blah. I justified not going to register until we get back from our vacation in 2 weeks. Because who wants to pay for a membership when they're gone? Or bundle everyone up for the trek there? Yeah, not me.

Today when it started snowing again I realized I didn't need that silly old Y. Shoveling our driveway at least every other day (for about 30 minutes a pop) can count as my exercise.

That can count, right?


mean mommy time

Tonight is the night.

The same night we had almost exactly 2 years ago in this same house.

I'm taking away Monkey's pacifier. He's 13 months old, and I know he'll be fine. He's way more attached to his paci than Bear was. I was very strict with Bear; he only had it at naps and bedtime by now. Monkey has it in the car, too. And, when I'm pushing his nap time and trying to accomplish more than is fair to him.

He's having his last paci nap right now. Then we'll go on a paci hunt and collect them all. They go in a bag with some stinky diapers and it goes out to the curb. Tomorrow is garage day so there's so going back.

I'm emotionally preparing myself for the crying tonight. Hopefully, by the time Hubby is home for the weekend the fussing will be all done.

Here's hoping.


rough day

Bear pretty much summed up our day tonight.

"Rough day today, Momma. We try again tomorrow."


3 of 1

Monkey's turn for my top 3 recent pictures. It would have made sense to pick 1 favorite since he's 1, but there's no way I can narrow it down that much!

Loving his birthday presents.

First birthday boy. Nothing like some good cake smashing to get the party going.

Our little musician.


end of an era

I am no longer a milk maid. Since March 2007, there have been 3 months that I was not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Last night, I nursed Monkey for the last time. He was down to the just before bedtime feeding which was about 3 minutes and more about our routine and last minute snuggles than nutrition.

I nursed Bear for 12 and a half months. That journey ended when he was hospitalized for 5 days and I wasn't able to breastfeed him.

Monkey turned 13 months yesterday so we lasted slightly longer. Not a record by any means, but it was long enough I feel like I have given him the best start possible.

Hard to believe he's gone from this
To this

I was expecting a bit of a fuss tonight when I put him to sleep. I thought he was slightly attached to our routine. Nope. Straight to sleep. Love you too kid.

Growing up is harder on me than it is on him.


Since we've been away for a bit, I felt the need to show off some pictures. Here are my favorite recent 3 pictures from my new 3 year old.

Cheesing for the camera. He wanted to show off his new scarf I made him.

The "monster snow storm" in which you could still see our grass at the end.

Birthday celebration #4,302 for Bear. We went to Walt Disney World and it was a week long birthday extravaganza. He loved when people would sing to him. Donald Duck brought over this cupcake and led the song for him.


birthday presents

We have a birthday season in our house. From the middle of October to the end of the year, we are slammed with birthday parties and celebrations. Monkey and Bear both have birthdays at the start of December which only adds to the festive season.

Bear really is a birthday fan. He is 100% my son and can't get enough balloons and cake.

In our attempt to teach Bear about Christmas, we pitched it as Jesus' birthday. He knew that Jesus was born a long time ago in a far away place. (Bear asked if it was a car ride or a long plane ride away.) He learned his momma's name was Mary, and there were lots of animals. The closest we got to explaining a manger was like a big Puppy dish.

We went to the family church service where they had a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. I told him that Jesus gave really good goody bags.

Christmas morning, we woke up and he was enchanted by the presents. We also do Santa and Bear was so stinking excited.

Right before bedtime, he got a serious look on his face. He came up to me and in the innocent voice of a 3 year old he asked me what we getting Jesus for his birthday.

It's taken me a little bit to figure out what kind of present we could give Jesus this year. The stereotypical volunteering at a soup kitchen thing doesn't work with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. We have an abundance of stuff. Stuff we don't use. Stuff we don't need. Stuff other people could use and do need.

Every Sunday, we will be dropping off a bag. I know it's not giving much and right now it's embarrassingly easy to get rid of things. I'm hoping that by the time bag 52 rolls around, we'll have streamlined our life and helped someone.

Not the biggest gift for Jesus. But, I think he's the type to appreciate everything.


I love the freshness of January. Everyone is so gung ho and ready for a clean slate. While looking over my 2010 goals, I'm actually pleased with myself. I wasn't perfect, but there was definitely more accomplished than not. I really think that writing them down and posting them for the world pushed me. And, this year I'll do better with the monthly check ins.

* Read 30 books.

* Be serious with the budget. At the end of the year, I will have $X saved for our someday house. (It's $X now because I want to check with Hubby before I publish financial things online)

* Hubby and I will have 52 dates this year. It could work out to one a week, but with him in the Navy we might have to clump some together. Once a month it will be a real date where we get a baby sitter and go out. The other dates can be after the boys are in bed. It's really just about devoting time to each other and not our computers.

* Be patient. With the little boys. With Hubby. With the Navy. With myself. We're all learning this as we go. I don't want the boys to grow up in a house that yells. I'm not a screamer, but there are times that my frustration reaches my limit. I want to love more.

What are you going to do in 2011?