We had maternity pictures taken a week ago. I totally thought they were gross when I was pregnant with The Bear. This time, I'm a bit more sentimental about it all. I think it's because we've always planned* to have 2 kids, and this is "the last time" I'm doing all this.

I found a fantastic photographer through some friends. If anyone is in the Connecticut/Rhode Island area and in need of a fantastic photographer who is patient, wonderful and cheap, may I suggest Sara's Photography.

One of our last family shots as a family of 3

The classic heart shape on the tummy - with my hand and Hubby's

A soon to be family of 4

Not too much longer until we meet the little guy!

*I say planned, but we all know how plans work out for us. Hubby mentioned the other day that since Baby is a boy, if I wanted to try for a girl in a few years we could discuss it.


sweetest boy

Life has been pretty hectic around here. We're trying to get as much done for Baby and prepare for the holidays, too. I know I'm not going to feel like braving the stores when I'm either 39 weeks pregnant or when I have 2 little ones in the snow.

Sometimes, it shocks me how grown up The Bear is. He's had a rough patch adjusting to Hubby being home. He loves hanging out with him, but everytime Hubby leaves - either for work, a shower or The Bear has to go to bed - we had some full out temper tantrums. He doesn't get when he's leaving for a few minutes, a day or a month.

I've started a habit of giving his crib friends (the 3 stuffies that hang out in his crib) kisses good night.

Tonight, he gave good night kisses and hugs to all 3 of them and laid them down. George earned a prime spot sharing his pillow while the other two were put down by his feet. He tucked George in under the blanket. Then he sat down and rubbed the back of his head like I do before bedtime. After a few minutes, he looked at me. He put his finger to his lips and told me to "SHHHH".

Sometimes I just want to squeeze him and keep him little forever.


TLC and Babies

TLC is my companion when Hubby is gone or at work. After The Bear goes to sleep and the house is in relative order, I turn it on. Hubby doesn't ever watch it when he's home which is fine. But, I love it.

Right now, Multitude of Multiples is on. It's a new one for me. It's following families with large order multiples; think Jon & Kate Plus 8 or Table for 12.

A mom carrying quadruplets just found out one of her babies has IUGR. That's what The Bear was diagnosed with. Hers is a very severe case. She's only 28 weeks pregnant which is 12 weeks before the baby is due and 9 before the baby would be considered full term. The doctors told her that the best way to ensure the baby's survival is giving birth immediately.

However, every day she can keep the other babies does major things for their development and growth. When I was pregnant, the doctors told me that every day a baby remains inside the mom is the equivalent as 3 days in the NICU. So keeping the babes in a week longer shaves 21 days off of a NICU stay.

What would you do? Sheer numbers vote 3 to 1 to keep the babies in as long as possible. But, as a mom that just hurts my heart. Can you knowingly let one of your children die when there is only a risk of health issues to the other ones?

Is there a typical answer? Is there a right answer?

EDIT: She chose to wait 2 more weeks until she was 30 weeks. The little girl was stillborn.


In and Out

Hubby is very frustrated with work.

How did a 3 day weekend turn into a 22 hour weekend?

Breathe in. Breathe out.

My Labor Day

I wrote this just after The Bear was born. I am so very glad I did. While I'll always remember parts of it, I'm glad it's written down to really remember. It might be overly gross if you have not given birth.

But, this was my labor day.

We went into the hospital Thursday night, December 6th, at 6 pm to be induced. I was 37 weeks, 1 day. There were problems with the umbilical cord. They said he would be safer being born at 37 weeks than risking being inside me longer and being stillborn.

The put in the first pill around 8 pm. I was all hooked up to a million machines and they said I was having contractions that were about 2 minutes apart. (Made me feel stupid since I just thought my back was hurting) I had another pill inserted at 1 am and a third at 5:30 am. All this time, I was 1 cm dialated.

They came in to check me at 9 am and I was at 2 cm. So excited for change.

At 10 am, things got scary. I was having very strong contractions and The Bear's heart rate kept dropping. I wanted an epidural (the doctors said I was in the hardest labor it would be, but I was done). In order to have the epidural, they wanted to break my water to insert a monitor on The Bear's head to measure his heart rate (they can't do it for the 10 minutes or so it takes to get the epi set up). They did that and started to insert the epidural. They did it wrong - and had to come back later to fix it (my left side was still getting all the feeling). During all this, The Bear's heart rate was going crazy. They started some sort of fluid flow through the uterus since them breaking the water eliminated the cushion The Bear had had from the contractions. I was put on oxygen and given a shot to stop the contractions since they were now coming non-stop without any break between them. Hubby lost it watching me hooked up to so many machines and the room full of doctors (there were 7 doctors and 3 nurses in there at that time).

The shot didn't stop the contractions or really slow them down. It just made them more regular with breaks in between. After all this, I was at 4 cms by 11 am.

At 2 pm, I had this very strong urge to go to the washroom - like poop. The doctor came in and I was at 10 cm. I started pushing at about 2:20 pm (Hubby had decided to go get lunch at 1:50. He has great timing like that.)

The Bear was born at 2:49 pm. 5 pounds, 11 ounces. 19 inches long.

They checked him out and we were able to see him at 3:15ish for 20 minutes. Then, they took him away to the nursery since he was little and not breathing consistently. He finally got to back to us around 8 that night.

My favorite parts of it all -
The doctor saying he would never want to baby-sit. He said The Bear was too feisty for him.
We were put into room 6 - Dec 6th at 6 pm in room 6.
We had CMT on the TV during labor. The Bear was born during "It's a great day to be alive" played.

Holding my baby for the first time


Boys, Mickey and Baseball

Hubby has had a crazy schedule and we've been trying to cram in as much possible before he ships back out. The schedule now has him leaving soon and getting back JUST before Baby is due to appear. But, you know it is the Navy. So the schedule changes on at least 3 times a week.

We did find out Baby is a boy. The ultrasound tech actually said "Well, it's pretty obvious" and had his private parts up on the screen. No joke. Hubby and I both could tell. I'm loving the idea of having a house full of boys. We're working out the kinks of bedding and room decoration. By kinks I mean my overly high demands and an exhausted Hubby trying his best. I finally decided to make the boys' duvet covers, pillow cases and curtains. More details will be coming about that grand endeavor. Baby does have a real name now. Hubby wants to wait until Baby arrives to make the big announcement. The middle name is known; it's Hubby's grandfather's name who passed away in January as well as my dad's name. I love middle names that are in honor of someone. The first name is unique (but meets my crazy criteria). Now I just need to come up with a blog name for Baby.

We took a 4 day trip to Disney World. It was insanely exhausting, but we all had fun. The Bear did really well with the early mornings, lack of naps and late nights. He was the one jumping on the bed at 10 pm while Hubby and I were hoping for sleep.

I was surprised how many of the rides The Bear could go on. He loved the characters. He was surprisingly brave walking up to the characters himself and dolling out hugs. Chip & Dale were his favorites.

Hubby and I both had birthdays. Hubby had duty on mine. So even though it was a Sunday, we didn't get to celebrate together. Hubby's was Saturday. He had Friday night duty and the potential of working through his big day, too. Luckily, he got home just in time for us to go to the Cubs v Mets game which was his birthday surprise.

The Bear really does love baseball. It's amazing how into it he gets. He's learning so much all the time, too. He learned that when they pay the Da Da DaDa Daaa music he's supposed to say "Charge!"

I was able to take one of my all time favorite pictures of The Bear there.


What's too many?

I'm obsessed with TLC and thus am relatively well versed in the Duggar family. In case you haven't heard, Michelle is pregnant with their 19th child. No joke. The oldest is 21. 19 kids in 21 years is impressive. And, insanely scary. I guess now she has a slew of built in baby-sitters though.

I wonder at what point it was like well what's one more? I'm scared transitioning from 1 to 2. Is 2 to 3 bad? 3 to 4? I'm not going to get the far.

What is too many kids? Is there a too many? They're financially sound; much better than most people with no kids or even one child. She's not old - only 36. The kids seem well behaved and relatively well adjusted. (The whole not kissing until your wedding day seems that at least Josh has some social differences though.)

For some people, I could almost argue that one child is too many. Is there a point in which people should step in and say no more?