We've been having lots of fun family times lately. It's so weird to have Hubby home and not have the boat home. It's actually slightly amazing and giving us a taste of what shore duty will be like.

Since Hubby is actually awake in the evenings and able to have a coherent conversation, we've been doing a lot of planning and dreaming and just generally trying to figure out where our lives are going.

I love being a SAHM. Insanely hard and much harder than expected for sure. I like that I know my children though. I know how they think and can typically predict their behavior. They grow up so quickly and I don't want to miss it. My opinion is that I would gladly give up some luxuries now to be able to be such a part of their daily memories.

How long can you be a SAHM before it's just weird? I would like to point out that being a mom is only part of my job. I'm also a cook, maid, laundress, personal shopper, dog walker . . . once the boys are bigger I know I'll be adding chauffeur to that list. I had a friend in high school who was an only child and her mom still stayed at home. Then, she went to college. Her mom still stayed at home.

I am in no way putting down SAHMs of bigger kids. I also want to feel useful in life. So what's the cutoff? Where does it cross the line? I'm sure if you have family with disabilities this could also change the age.


Nya's mom said...

I don't really think that there is, or should be, a cutoff for being a sahm. As you long as you are happy and feeling fulfilled as a mother, wife, and woman, then I say continue on!


{meant to be} MAMA said...

Hi, I tried to follow your blog but can't see anything under the "follow" labeled box! :) Anyway, like it!!