Big day

Today is a huge day for our family. It makes the halfway point of Hubby's deployment. This is of course assuming his deployment isn't extended which has been known to happen and wouldn't be that much of a surprise, but we're being optimistic on this side of the water line. It amazes me that it's been 3 whole months already. The next few months will be hard with the holidays, but I know the time will continue to fly by.

Deployments can rip families apart, but they can also bind you together stronger than you knew possible. If you're a weak team, you're probably going to be pulled apart. If you're true teammates - true life mates, you'll have your love strengthened.

There's also this presidential election thing going on. I find it interesting the timing. As I sit here and realize how lucky I am to have an amazing husband and a good marriage, I can not bring myself to vote for McCain. He has that whole military background thing and is supportive of taking care of the service members.

However, I can not vote for someone who cheated on his wife. Especially a military wife. She sat faithfully and waited while he was at war and a POW. There are plenty of military wives out there who can't do that for 3 months. She did it for years. In my heart, I can not justify someone coming back and disrespecting that devotion, loyalty and fidelity. I just can't do that.