Movin' on Up

This could possibly also be called "The Dangers of IKEA"

We live in a 3 bedroom duplex in the land of Navy housing. I've had my rants before, but it's not a bad place to call home for 32 months we'll gracing Groton with our presence.

As things are currently arranged:
Hubby and I are in the master bedroom which is fairly large.
The Bear is in the smallest of the 3 bedrooms.
The middle bedroom is our office/guest bedroom.

We're going to be switching The Bear into the middle bedroom which is slightly larger and able to accommodate an extra crib. All the stuff in there (bed & desks) will be shoved into The Bear's current room.

Baby will be sleeping in our room for the first few months. The Bear was in our room until he was 4 months old. It saves precious steps during those 2 am feedings and with Hubby in and out allows me to insert the pacifier without opening my eyes. I'm also hoping it will help The Bear sleep a little bit better during those transitional months.

I'm doing all I can to not have The Bear blame the changes on Baby. We're going to be switching the rooms in about a month so it's not too close to the birth. I'm trying to make his new room fun for him.

While my mom was here, we went to IKEA. It's only about 45 minutes away, but Hubby always felt it was too far to drive "just to look". I'm thinking he knew what "just looking" can do to our credit card bill though :-). I bought new sheets for The Bear and Baby. They're green with white hippos which I felt was gender neutral enough since we don't know is Baby is on team blue or pink. I also got new things to hang on the wall and one of those cool rugs that has a town with roads on it. The same type of rug was $70 at Target. How could I not buy it? This was my thinking until I realized our cart was overflowing, and I was carrying a table.

I find it odd being pregnant for the second time. I still love shopping for Baby, but we own most of Babies R Us already. I'm realizing how focused I am on easing The Bear's transition, I've flown through the first half of preparation for Baby.