my christmas list

While I've been busy preparing for a fun Christmas for The Bear and The Monkey (and Hubby and my parents), I realized it's also my Christmas. I don't need anything really. But, here are my Christmas wishes:

1- A day diaper free. We're talking 24 hours where I don't have to change a single diaper or say "The Bear needs a new diaper" 12 times before it's changed with a heavy sigh. (In all fairness, Hubby has been changing WAY more diapers than before The Monkey was born. I still have a whole bunch to change myself though.) When I suggested this to Hubby his response was sure in 3 years. I'm surprised he didn't ask if he could just buy me something instead.

2- A whole weekend (I'm getting greedy here, huh) with Hubby home. His one weekend a month "off" is really him working Friday overnight and getting home exhausted Saturday morning. It would be nice to have 2 and a half days where there was no work. No fretting about him "supposed to be" at work to study for quals. Just us as a family.

3- A new computer battery. My laptop isn't that old. I got it just after I graduated in 2006. However, the battery is kaput. It dies in less than 2 minutes of me unplugging it. Even if it has been charging all day. It's getting annoying having to be no further than 5 feet from the outlet.

4- A family picture. A nice picture of the 4 of us. We don't have to be in dressy clothes. I am asking for everyone's eyes to be open (well, at least the 3 biggest of us). We do have newborn pictures scheduled for next week and I'm hoping that we can get a decent shot with all of us.

5- A full night of sleep. I won't be too greedy on this one. I'm willing to count 5 hours as a full night's sleep. (I know this one is unlikely and would never actually not feed The Monkey if he woke up hungry.) If only there was some way for Hubby to be able to nurse for a day...

6- Nursing tops. I'm much more active with The Monkey than I was at this point with The Bear. The Bear still has play dates that he (honestly, we) needs. I'm not super modest, but I'm also not the type to just sit there half naked in a room full of people. The few I have mean I have to do laundry every 3 days which just isn't practical with two little ones.

Those are my big dreams this year. :-) What do you really want for Christmas this year?