I sit here in our Christmas-ed home waiting.

Waiting for the great blizzard of 2009 to finally hit us. I <3 snow. I especially <3 snowy Christmases.

Waiting for my parents to get here. Their flight was delayed because of said snow storm. And, because it's a flight. Poppy is going to be meeting The Monkey for the first time. And, they both adore The Bear.

Waiting for Christmas in general. I'm hoping the next week is filled with cookie decorating, lots of family time and some hot cocoa.

Waiting for Hubby to actually get a break. He was supposed to start leave yesterday at 4 pm. He worked until 8 last night. And, he's back in today. I know he has this drive to be the best, but sometimes I wish he would settle for being mediocre. I'm really hoping I don't have to wait until December 2011 to get this. This Navy business really tests my patience around the holidays.