giving thanks: 5

So I'm a little late starting this up this year. For the month of November, I will post something that I'm thankful for. It works out to start on the 5th though. The first things people always list are the generics. I'm very thankful for those things, but I hope to go a little deeper this year.

1. I'm thankful for Hubby. He might not be perfect, but he's perfect for me.

2. I'm thankful for Bear who makes me laugh every day. The year of being two has taught me patience, and it has shown be time and again how God must feel about me.

3. I'm thankful for Monkey. He has his spunk, but his soul has a peacefulness about it that amazes me. He was the perfect fit for our family.

4. I'm thankful for our home. It's not my dream home by any means. But, it's our home. It's filled with trains, Cheerios and love.

5. I'm thankful that Bear freaked out today that the bottom of his pants were wet from the rain. That means that he's used to clean, dry clothes which is something not all people can claim.

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