super bear!

Since we have two December babies (3rd and 7th) in our house, we try to spread out the celebrating. We had Bear's birthday party on Sunday.

I had tried to adjust the plans to fit the kids coming (he has an autistic friend, 3 with little brothers and a friend afraid of balloons). It wasn't the awesomely creative party I had hoped for, but he had fun. We had a backdrop (sheet painted) of a city for the super heroes to fly above and pose for pictures. There was a super secret hideout with a tent, ball pit and tunnel.

All dressed up and ready for his friends to come.

His cake was a star shape with clouds. There was a Super Bear (made out of model magic) flying above the skies.

Each kid got a personalized cape, mask, super bracelets and a goodie bag with desserts.

Even Super Little Brothers had fun saving the day.


MrsPnut said...

oh my goodness! That is the sweetest, coolest party ever!!!

Liz said...

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