day one: monkey style

My Little Monkey,

Today, I decided to undertake a grand adventure with you. You threw away your diapers, and we took a step toward being a big boy. I just went back and read the entry from the first night we did this with your brother, and all I can say is you are a much easier child sometimes.

You turned two about 3 weeks ago, and I decided we should try this whole potty business with you. Since our method involves staying home for (at least) 3 days straight and we're always on the run, it seemed a good time to hunker down and get it done. You had shown no real interest in using the potty besides using it as a chair while fully dressed. You did tell me once before you had to go, and I managed to get you there on time. That was about a month ago and a total fluke.

I'm not sure why I wasn't as stressed with you as I was with your brother. Perhaps because I knew it was a stage and the first day was going to be emotionally draining. Perhaps because your big brother was testing his boundaries and my frustration had another direction. Perhaps because I'm already dreaming of the facebook status that tells the world 2011 is the last year of diapers for our family.

Daddy is "home", but he's in month 2 of shift work so we don't see him awake very often. He was quite surprised to come home from work and find you running around in a t-shirt, baby legs and real undies. Daddy was nice enough to order pizza since I was so focused on keeping our floor as clean as possible.

Our biggest issue was getting you to go to the bathroom at all. I stuffed you full of juice, gave you some salty food to make you drink some more, and offered some more milk and water.

Bear caught on halfway through day 2. I have no idea when in this 3 day process it will click for you. You did stop yourself after a little dribble tonight. You wouldn't go once you were on the potty, but you at least knew you weren't supposed to use the floor for that. I know you though, Monkey. I have become a master on bodily functions in my 4 years of mothering. I knew you had to poop, waited until you could not go back, and pushed you into your potty chair. You weren't a fan of Momma wrestling you in, but you did like the sticker and cookie reward after.

I can't wait for what tomorrow is going to bring. I know we'll be able to do this, and I am so happy to be able to stay at home and do it with you.


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