I am a control freak. I can admit it. Admitting it actually makes it easier when I give Hubby dirty looks or take something out of his hands because he's doing it "wrong".

The playgroup The Bear and I are in runs a baby sitting coop. We rotate which two moms stay with the kiddos and the other moms have a blessed 3 hours to themselves. I hosted the last date at our house. It was a loud 3 hours with 8 children under the age of 4.

The moms are amazingly awesome and cleaned up the toys that were EVERYWHERE at the end. They just naturally do that.

BUT, they did it wrong. All the toys were put away; in the Itso system we have from Target which I love. They have drawers that pull out so I can pull out one type of toys for The Bear at a time. We have a Little People drawer, a ball drawer, a music drawer . . . You get the idea.

I let it stay for almost 24 hours the way they had put them away. I spent most of that time seething and staring at the toys.

Why can I not relax? The toys were all away. I am much better than I was before The Bear was born, but I have miles to go. I really need to learn to chill and let people do things.

I know once there are 2 kids in this house I'll be outnumbered. Or go insane :-)