Fast Attack Tough

The world of submarines is a complicated one. There are two major kinds of subs (Boomers and Fast Attacks). There are two types of fast attacks - Virginia and Los Angeles.

Hubby has to do one tour on the fast attack kind. We decided to do it first since this sea duty was supposed to be a bit shorter than the second one.

Boomers work hard. Hubby was on one pre-me and they do their part. But, they have a set schedule (known years in advance!) and two crews. That means for a few months at a time, the other crew takes the boat out and you get a rest period. They still work, but it's not the same effort level. Hubby has consented that while out to sea Boomers run a lot more drills and have quiet times where family can't get email.

However, right now he's earning his "fast attack tough" award. It's just a silly thing the guys say about living this life style. The schedule is crazy and always changing. It seems like he just got home from deployment and he's leaving already.

He was at the pier at 4 this morning to get things ready to go back out. This one won't be another 6 monther. Right now, the schedule has them gone about about a month and a half.

Hubby is becoming fast attack tough. And, so are The Bear and I.