I am obsessed with names. I totally analyze and judge people on their names. Not the nicest thing I could do, but a name is typically a signal of the values a person was raised with.

The night we found out I was pregnant with The Bear I stayed up until the wee hours reading through the entire name book. Hubby did not share my excitement or understand why I wanted to decide on a name that night. He kept telling me we had 9 more months.

It's an important choice. One of the few things that a parent does that follows their child around every day for the rest of their life.

I've been pretty restrained with this one. We've known for a few days and I only made Hubby have a 10 minute conversation with me. I had gone through the book again already though. Since we've done this once, I had an idea what names Hubby would like. It also changed a little now, because I need a name that goes with The Bear's name.

We have a list of 5 boy names we both like. Hubby is the type that probably already knows which one he likes, but he'll make me wait another 8 months to tell me what he things.

It's also hard because I need something to call Baby. "It" really bothers me. Baby seems weird. I like having at least a nick name even if it's silly. Anyone have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

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Tammy said...

There are the usuals, peanut or sweet pea. However, I'm kind of partial to sillier types like Baldy or Dexter.

I found you through the Follow Me Club I am now a follower.

Angie Vinez said...

We've always had a nickname for our kids. My 4th was "Tink" because we knew we'd be doing her room in Tinkerbell. Our last baby was "BabyBoo" because he was due on Halloween. I'm a cornball... I know! :)

Found you on the Follow Me Club!

Sheena Marie said...

I broke the news to my Mom by giving her an ultrasound picture in a picture frame about being a grandma. My brother walked in the room a few seconds later and asked what the "gummybear" picture was for. Since we are not finding our the sex of our baby until birth day, we have been calling our baby "GummyBear".

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