Special Type of Person

The Bear and I were at a play date the other day. One of the moms is going solo this weekend since her hubby is going on a fishing trip with the boys. She was complaining about being alone. He asked her what she would have done if he had been in the military. Her response was that she wouldn't have married him.

Another mom commented that "It takes a special type of person to be a military wife."

It does.

You have to be strong enough to tackle the world (or at least a new town) by yourself.
You have to be wise enough to compromise when Hubby returns and you return to being partners.

You have to be outgoing enough to constantly be making friends. Between your moves and their moves, no one stays put long.
You have to be introverted enough to get strength from within and realize there will always be new friends to be made and old ones to talk to on Facebook.

You have to find friends in people you otherwise would not talk to. Going through a deployment together is often you need to bond you.
You have to be picky about who you are friends with. There are a lot of bad influences out there in the world.

You have to communicate through the least reliable methods. Emails that get read, letters that get lost and phone calls that are filled with static.
You have to continue to share how you are with your spouse despite the frustrations.

You have to be flexible. Things ALWAYS change.
You have to be rigid in the things you will not compromise.

You have to have complete faith in yourself that you will survive - and hopefully thrive - in this lifestyle.
You have to have complete faith in your husband.

There is a delicate balance.

Not everyone can handle it. Some know they can't. Some think they can and end up making poor choices.

The rest of us end up on an amazing adventure.