What's your emergency?

The Bear has a fascination with phones. He loves to push the buttons and do his baby babble into it.

There might be a few times in which I let him play with my cell phone to give me 2 seconds to do something. Like you know go to the bathroom. I always lock it first so he doesn't end up calling someone.

Apparently, if you push the buttons in just the right order you can dial 911 even when it's locked. I guess this is a nice feature if you are a normal person in a true emergency, happen upon a lost & locked cell phone and can't read the directions that tell you what 2 buttons to push. Not really a nice feature when you have a 17 month old son.

By the time I realize what he's doing, the phone is already ringing. I've been told enough times not to hang up on 911 because they'll just call you back. So, I wait to explain it's was an accident and we're all okay.

A nice man answers the phone.

"911. What's your emergency?"
"I don't have an emergency. My son accidentally dialed 911. We're all okay."
"What's your location?"
"We're in Groton, CT. But, we don't have an emergency. He was just playing with my phone."
"Are you sure ma'am? I hear a lot of screaming in the background."
"Yes, I'm sure. He's mad because I took away the phone because he dialed 911."
"He seems to be quite upset. Are you sure it's not an emergency?"
"Yes, I'm sure. He's just mad at me. He'll get over it. I'm sorry for calling."
"Well, if you're sure it's not an emergency . . . Have a nice day."

The Bear always picks the best times for his tantrums.


ABW said...

Oh no!!!

I'm glad everything is okay, but I did laugh when I was reading it, sorry!

Junior is amused if I play music with my phone. Thankfully the iphone will let me do that without having to pay an arm and a leg!

d.a.r. said...

Hahaahaha!! Oh my. My mom loves to tell the story of when I was 4 and took the phone and called 911 because my doll was "sick". The police showed up and my mom had no idea what was going on, but they were quite concerned because I told the dispatcher I was calling from the closet because I didn't want to get in trouble, hahah!

Oh motherhood :)

Anonymous said...