I love the freshness of January. Everyone is so gung ho and ready for a clean slate. While looking over my 2010 goals, I'm actually pleased with myself. I wasn't perfect, but there was definitely more accomplished than not. I really think that writing them down and posting them for the world pushed me. And, this year I'll do better with the monthly check ins.

* Read 30 books.

* Be serious with the budget. At the end of the year, I will have $X saved for our someday house. (It's $X now because I want to check with Hubby before I publish financial things online)

* Hubby and I will have 52 dates this year. It could work out to one a week, but with him in the Navy we might have to clump some together. Once a month it will be a real date where we get a baby sitter and go out. The other dates can be after the boys are in bed. It's really just about devoting time to each other and not our computers.

* Be patient. With the little boys. With Hubby. With the Navy. With myself. We're all learning this as we go. I don't want the boys to grow up in a house that yells. I'm not a screamer, but there are times that my frustration reaches my limit. I want to love more.

What are you going to do in 2011?

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