Tonight was our Meet & Greet which is the official meeting for all families and squadron. They go over all the rules and announce the official time the boat is pulling in.

More importantly than them reminding me to dress warmly (it's February in Connecticut; I'm not a complete idiot), the wives group drew for First Kiss. Our boat has 2 First Kisses - one for blue shirts and one for khakis. We also give a First Hug which is open to all the kids.

I WON! I never thought I would win, but I am super excited. Now, I'm stressing out about what to wear even more. There will be a photographer and possibly a TV station documenting the kiss. It's weird because it won't be private or romantic at all. It reminds me of the kiss at our wedding (and has me feeling a little Josh Duggar-esque).

I was planning on just being warm since it's going to be so very cold. Now, I don't want to wear my big puffy coat though. Any suggestions on how to be warm and cute?


d.a.r. said...

Yay that is so cool!! No advice on what to wear. Jeans and a really cute sweater with a cute pea coat?

I don't know. I doubt your hubs will care once he has his lips on ya ;)

Casey said...

Yeah for the win! That is awesome!

When I want to be warm and cute (dressy) I wear a dark dress, thick tights, and "wintery" heels.

What about jeans tucked into boots? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...