Love Letter

Dear Hubby,

Tomorrow you return home. You return back to a world that allows you to keep the water on while you shower, decide what you want to eat and watch television. As a warning, this world also comes with snow to be shoveled, a puppy to walk and the occasional temper tantrum.

I am so proud of you. Proud of me. And, most importantly proud of us. It was not always a pleasant journey, but we've done it. We have also learned along the way which will hopefully make the future separations easier. We have emailed daily (even if we didn't always get one). We kept our promises. We were faithful which I regret to say is not the case for all those coming home tomorrow. I am more in love with you now than ever.

I have butterflies in my stomach. They were right when they said it was like a second honeymoon. I can't wait to see you, but I'm anxious. I am very grateful to have won that first kiss, but I'm terrified to have such a private moment on display.

I would like to admit that I am a little scared of tomorrow. Our world is a little different than when you left. Your son is now mobile and getting into everything. He is sleeping through the night well though now which is a pleasant bonus. He has quite the personality. He's eating big boy food. He likes to play catch. We have our routine down. I would love for you to learn it and join with us. I know we will need some slight tweaks to better fit your work schedule, and I hope you can be patient as we transition. I want you to jump in and do all those Daddy things. Please be tender with me as I might boss you about. I've been calling the shots the last 6 months. When I tell you how to do things, please know it is because I want you to join in. I don't want to upset you.

I have changed the last 6 months. Your son has changed. I'm quite positive that you have some changes coming home with you, too. I'm ready though. I'm ready for us to change together as a family.

Remember in the next few days I love you with my whole heart. Swim safely home. We'll be waiting for you.

Forever Yours


Morgan said...

Congratulations on your husband coming home soon!!! A good friend of mine is about to have her husband sent to training far away and then deployed to the front lines in Iraq. It's a very emotional time. Do you have any advice on how I could be supportive and sensitive to what she's going through? Her husband is supposed to be gone for a year and is leaving this weekend.

Stephanie said...

It's hard to know what to do. A lot you have to learn yourself as you go. I would just let her know you're there to listen - about how she's feeling or celebrity gossip if she needs something a little lighter to think about. Don't say you understand. Don't say it gets easier. Encourage her to find other wives (close by or online) that are going through the same thing. Celebrate the milestones (50%, 1st month, 3rd Tuesday of the 2nd month) with her. Send her little thinking of you emails or packages. Let her know it's okay to cry.

Anonymous said...