Hubby has been home for 3 weeks already. Isn't that crazy? He had 2 weeks off in which we were able to go visit both sets of parents. Hubby had some sad family news which put a damper on our time together.

We were able to go on a date though. Like a real one. My parents watched The Bear while Hubby and I went to a wedding on Valentine's Day. It involved dressing up, dinner, dancing and my first time drinking in 2 years. It was weird to be away from The Bear, but I know Hubby and I need time alone.

We've been back to our house for a week now. Hubby has some yucky work hours (on 24 hours, off 24 hours) which makes it really hard to get into a groove. Hubby's truck also bit the dust so we're a one car family now.

Normal work hours resume next week which should help a lot. I'm ready for our "normal" life to return even if it will be all messed up in a few weeks when they leave again. Honestly, Hubby and I have had some issues getting back into our rhythm. It's hard for him to know what to do, and it's hard for me to know what to let him do or expect him to do. I know he needs vacation and time to decompress, but I also have been longing for a teammate. I am blessed enough to stay home with The Bear which complicates things in my mind. I know it is my duty to run the house and do the cleaning and such. I don't get an income, so those responsibilities should be mine. But, sometimes it would be nice for me to get a break. I wish there was a way to explain this to Hubby without making it look like I don't like staying home or I don't value all the hard work he does.

I'm vowing that once March roles around, I'm going to get myself back on a schedule I can handle. That allows for me time for me to write or read of just sit. I know those 30 minutes make me a better wife and a better mom. Most importantly, it makes me a better me.


Suzanne said...

I am your new follower. I love your blog...you are a gifted blogger. I know exactly how you are feling in this post. It doesn't take much but that little 30 minutes can mean the world to a mommy:-)

Suzanne said...

Me again. I've loved reading your blog and just gave you the Kreativ Blogger award. You can come to my blog to pick up your award. Smiles, Suzanne

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