day two & three

Holy moly! Saturday and Sunday sure were different than the emotionally exhausting Friday. I was afraid to post yesterday and jinx myself.

Saturday at 11:45 am The Bear told me he had to go potty. We scurried over and he went. Like immediately. It clicked. He woke up wet after his nap yesterday. But, he told me when he had to poop. (Sorry if this is over sharing for some people. It's a BIG deal in our world though.) He had one accident yesterday, but it was really more my fault than his. He stopped immediately and finished in the potty.

This morning he woke up dry after all night. This might be because The Monkey woke us both up at 6:30, but that's a whole other issue. He went all day today without an accident. Dry during naps. Told me before going every single time. I am so very proud of him.

He was completely in diapers on Thursday. And all the signs of readiness were non-existent. He woke up wet from naps and night time. He had no real interest in the potty. He didn't mind sitting in a wet diaper. 90% of the time he wouldn't even tell me after he had gone.

I'm sure there will be the occasional accident, but I'm declaring him potty trained tonight.

We loosely followed Lora Jensen's plan. It was exhausting the first day, but it really did happen in 3 days. Part of buying her ebook was pledging not to share her "secrets" with others. There were some helpful hints, but most of her advice I found free in other places online. She does have a help desk for parents that need some extra support. We also adapted the plan to fit us. Part of being a stay at home mom is knowing my children. Like knowing knowing and knowing what will work for them. We did a gradual progression of clothing. Friday, The Bear ran around with no bottoms and a big tshirt. Saturday was real undies. Today was fully dressed with real undies. (You have no idea how cute his little tush is in super hero unders though.) I also tracked the times he went and what happened. If he told me, if he finished on the potty, what he was doing . . . It really helped me to figure out his natural schedule so I knew when to anticipate him needing to go.

Tomorrow we're venturing out of the house for the first time since Thursday. I'm a little scared. He doesn't always give me the most notice, but it's a learning experience.
And, we'll have our potty with us and an extra change of clothes. Just in case :-)