favorite photo friday

I went to look through my pictures to see which one(s) was my favorite this week. I was shocked to discover I haven't uploaded pictures from my camera since the 6th. That's just crazy long for me.

I'm choosing not to waste all of the boys' nap time uploading pictures today. So while I don't have a picture of the boys, I do have one that is actually my favorite of the week.

Hubby has a port visit! We've been able to Skype which is wonderful. He was being a dork wearing his sunglasses in a bar. Yes, he spent 2 hours sitting in a bar on his computer so he could use their free wi-fi. He has the headphones in so he can actually hear us over the 70s and 80s music. I believe 3 Michael Jackson songs were played during our chat.

He's the best Hubby. It had only been 2 weeks, but we sure missed him.