gym membership

We were going to join The Y (which is what the YMCA is now officially called) in January. We had asked for sponsorships for the boys' Christmas presents. Swim lessons and art classes are way better for us than more toys they don't need.

It's January 26th, and I still haven't gotten over there to sign us up. No big deal really. I'm assuming all the other new years resolution-ers will be tapering off shortly anyways.

I was feeling very fluffy. Fluffy is that mix of fat and puffy that comes from winter, PMS and feeling blah. I justified not going to register until we get back from our vacation in 2 weeks. Because who wants to pay for a membership when they're gone? Or bundle everyone up for the trek there? Yeah, not me.

Today when it started snowing again I realized I didn't need that silly old Y. Shoveling our driveway at least every other day (for about 30 minutes a pop) can count as my exercise.

That can count, right?

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MrsPnut said...

how fun about the Y!! Can't wait to hear how you guys like it! I wish we had something like that by us!