birthday presents

We have a birthday season in our house. From the middle of October to the end of the year, we are slammed with birthday parties and celebrations. Monkey and Bear both have birthdays at the start of December which only adds to the festive season.

Bear really is a birthday fan. He is 100% my son and can't get enough balloons and cake.

In our attempt to teach Bear about Christmas, we pitched it as Jesus' birthday. He knew that Jesus was born a long time ago in a far away place. (Bear asked if it was a car ride or a long plane ride away.) He learned his momma's name was Mary, and there were lots of animals. The closest we got to explaining a manger was like a big Puppy dish.

We went to the family church service where they had a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. I told him that Jesus gave really good goody bags.

Christmas morning, we woke up and he was enchanted by the presents. We also do Santa and Bear was so stinking excited.

Right before bedtime, he got a serious look on his face. He came up to me and in the innocent voice of a 3 year old he asked me what we getting Jesus for his birthday.

It's taken me a little bit to figure out what kind of present we could give Jesus this year. The stereotypical volunteering at a soup kitchen thing doesn't work with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. We have an abundance of stuff. Stuff we don't use. Stuff we don't need. Stuff other people could use and do need.

Every Sunday, we will be dropping off a bag. I know it's not giving much and right now it's embarrassingly easy to get rid of things. I'm hoping that by the time bag 52 rolls around, we'll have streamlined our life and helped someone.

Not the biggest gift for Jesus. But, I think he's the type to appreciate everything.

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