mean mommy time

Tonight is the night.

The same night we had almost exactly 2 years ago in this same house.

I'm taking away Monkey's pacifier. He's 13 months old, and I know he'll be fine. He's way more attached to his paci than Bear was. I was very strict with Bear; he only had it at naps and bedtime by now. Monkey has it in the car, too. And, when I'm pushing his nap time and trying to accomplish more than is fair to him.

He's having his last paci nap right now. Then we'll go on a paci hunt and collect them all. They go in a bag with some stinky diapers and it goes out to the curb. Tomorrow is garage day so there's so going back.

I'm emotionally preparing myself for the crying tonight. Hopefully, by the time Hubby is home for the weekend the fussing will be all done.

Here's hoping.

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