Broccoli Haters Unite!

Let me start my admitting this. I HATE broccoli. I think it is disgusting and like a small tree. I will go to all lengths to avoid eating it. When I was pregnant, hubby was doing his best to get me to eat healthy foods. (I was actually pretty good about it) For some reason he decided I needed to eat broccoli one night. He put three sprigs on my plate and said I had to eat them. I cried. Seriously. Part was the raging hormones from being pregnant and part is just I hate it that much. On the bright side, he felt badly and didn't make me eat it :-)

Despite my aversions to the baby trees, I still introduced them to the bear last night. He hates it, too. He's had foods he fussed at before (like carrots which also gross me out). I fed him a bite of broccoli, and he picked up his pacifier and quickly put it in his mouth. I took it out and tried to play nice. I gave him a bite of peaches and all was well.

A few bites later, I tried the broccoli route again. Pacifier went right back in his mouth. I wrestled the pacifier out. Instead of giving him the yummy peaches, I tried to slip in another broccoli bite. I was hoping the element of surprise would be on my side.

I was wrong. It came right back out of his mouth. Pacifier inserted. And, he refused any more spoon food from me. He had his own little hunger strike against broccoli.

I know I should be encouraging healthy foods and stick at it. But, honestly I don't blame him. I figured we can just hate broccoli together.