Plans Schmans

Names are important. Perhaps, I place a bit more emphasis on names than most people do. But, I doubt there is anyone who can claim a name means nothing. It's your introduction to the world.
Hello, world. I'm Stephanie.

I had quite the issues when trying to name this blog. I wanted something brief, cute and me. That trio of words rarely comes in the same sentence.

Sum up your life in 3 words. Was it what your life has been? What it will be? What you want people to perceive it as?
Planned Improvisation fits me. As a Navy wife, I can plan my heart out only to have to toss those ideas to the wind at the whim of the government. As a new mom, I can have schedules and "this is how I'll do it whens." Alas, the little bear has ideas of his own. It still amazes me how someone so small can control so many adults.

This is my life. My plans and my second draft of plans and third draft of plans . . . Welcome to the journey.