Not my life - but interesting

As background information - I am overly sensitive to all child support issues. It seems that no matter which end I'm on (my mom getting money for me or hubby having to pay) I get screwed over.

A couple finds out they are expecting.
Guy freaks out. Pushes his very hardest for an abortion or to give child up for adoption. Says he is not ready for a child and he is not able to support a family.
Girl decides to have baby anyways. It's her body after all. She will raise child without father.
Baby is born.
Girl now goes after Guy for child support. He is the father. She needs monetary help raising a child.

Should he be required to pay? He told her he couldn't support a child. He did all he could to avoid the situation (abortion or adoption - which ever fits you better morally). He could not force her to do anything because it was her body and health. Can she force him to pay? Should she force him to pay?