It takes a village to raise a child

But, how many does it take to discipline one?

I'll admit it. Before the bear was born, I was judgmental about poor parenting. As the momma to an infant, I now have a little more patience with that screaming baby I encounter in the public arena. (Luckily, I have only had a few public displays of anger and have been able to make a quick exit.)

When is it okay to step in and tell someone else's kid to knock it off? I was around a 3 year old today who acted like a little heathen. Screaming, running around, jumping on me, stealing Cheerio's from my boy . . . I have yet to experience the world of toddlers. I finally put my foot down when he jumped on my son, and the bear started screaming. Heathen boy's mom was there and silent.

When can you intervene? I know moms sometimes are overwhelmed. And, sometimes they just become immune to bad behavior. Where's the boundary?