Finally summer!

Today was the first warm(ish) day we've had in almost a month. I kid you not that most of June we've been wearing pants and long sleeves. While it wasn't as warm as it has been in most of the country, I think we were up to the high 70s.

The Bear and I were able to take in the sunshine. The thing about cloudy days is it makes the sunny ones that much more special. A true lesson for many things in life.

We went to a local farm this morning with a group of SAHMs. The Bear LOVED all the animals and they were all so tame and tolerant of small fingers.

We ended our day with a trip to the splash park. No pictures from there. I did bring my camera, but the splash part of the park was a bit more than I expected. Maybe when Hubby is home, he can play with The Bear while I get some shots. The Bear loved watching the water and bigger kids playing, but he was hesitant about getting himself completely wet.

Instead of walking under a waterfall portion, he found he was small enough between the edge and where the water started coming down. He thought he was the coolest thing walking underneath without having to get in the water.

He's a smart cookie. I am now realizing how outmatched I will soon be.