Since The Bear was born, I've become increasingly more of a natural "crunchy" person. Some is due to the fact that I'm more aware of the yucky chemicals in things and part is because I'm at home more.

I am far from being totally green though. I've just tried to make a few small changes.

Anyways, I'm looking for a more natural birthing plan. I didn't really have a game plan with The Bear. I wasn't the going to walk into the hospital and demand an epidural immediately, but I wasn't proactive in doing something to not need one. It's a good thing I wasn't set on anything though because his birth was far from expected.

Does anyone have advice on how to give birth without medication? I'm not going to refuse to get the epidural again (things don't ever go as planned, remember), but I really would like to do my best to refrain from it.


kkrowan said...


That lady in that blog teaches Hypnobabies. She loves it and I have seen people do great with it. Ask and she could tell you other great ways.

Sheena Marie said...

I am currently using Hypnobabies, and am due in August. It is a great program. You can also look into the Bradley Birthing Method, which is similar, but has a different focus. (Hypnobabies believes in pain free birth, whereas the Bradley Method is more pain management) I have a good friend that used Bradley and she loved it. Depends on what you're looking for. Good luck!