I do not like them!

Being a responsible human involves doing things you don't really like to do. I learned this long before I lived alone or was even a teenager. Thank you for giving me chores, Mom.

All the major milestones (going to college, moving into my first apartment, getting married) have involved more chores and responsibilities. Some of them I just don't like. People always complain about cleaning the bathrooms. Hubby does that when he's home. Never will you be in as clean of a bathroom as just after he's finished scrubbing it all. I don't like doing dishes. Putting my hands in yucky water makes me gag. We have a dishwasher so luckily I don't have to do it often.

Of all the things that come along with mommyhood, the chore I like least is bath time. It makes me feel bad because everyone makes it out to be such a fun bonding time. I just don't like doing it. Hubby gave The Bear a bath the night before he left and it was the best gift ever.

What do you like least to do around the house? Is it something tedious like dusting the fans (I hear some people actually do that) or just something annoying like taking out the trash?