Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

The Bear had his 18 month well baby doctor appointment this morning. He's overall a healthy baby boy. We're up to the 10th percentile in weight and 7th in height. Not too shabby for a 3 week early kiddo.

I've learned that part of being a mom is being made to look like a liar when we go to the doctors' office.
He had a cough and a fever 10 minutes before the house. I swear he's sick, Doctor.
I do bathe him and dress him in clean clothes. I know it's hard to believe he can get this dirty while we were sitting in the waiting room. In all fairness, Doctor, you did make us wait for over an hour.
He can talk. He's not always completely silent, Doctor (although this one would be nice for an hour or so at home).

In addition to the physical stats, they always ask a few questions about his development and behavior to make sure he's on track . . . . or to see if I pay attention to him.

Today, I was asked what he does when I give him a toy car. (I wonder if they ask the girl moms this or if it's a boy version of the question). I answered honestly. He throws it. Sometimes, he'll play with it and have it roll across the floor, but normally it's thrown. The nurse asked if he made any car noises. Nope. He throws very far though.

The weirdest question they asked was if he took off his clothes. I said he can take off his socks if he doesn't have shoes on, but that's as much of a stripper as he is.

Or so I thought.

Less than an hour ago, he came to be with only a shirt on. Diaper was taken off and thrown down the stairs. Thanks for making me look like a liar, Bear. I didn't know you had all these skills this morning though. While you do have a cute tush, it's not something you need to show off to the world (remember that when you're older, too).

I was tempted to take a rear view shot of him running down the hall. Then, I remembered he's not potty trained yet and running around naked.

Besides, I'll have many more opportunities to see his tushie when the camera is closer. I do have to get those embarrassing pictures taken eventually.