Hubby and I grew up in different environments. Shocking, huh?

I called my parents' friends by their last names. They were Mrs. Brown and Mr. Smith (not their real last names but you get the idea). I'm an adult now, and I still refer to them in that manner.

Hubby grew up calling adults John and Sue.

You never would guess he was the one who was raised in a small town in southern Illinois while I was from the Chicago suburbs. Southern formalities apparently weren't their thing.

The Bear is getting old enough now that we're having to figure out how he should refer to people. While he hasn't mastered all words, he is repeating us more often than not. He has names for us and the Puppy. It won't be long until full sentences are flying out of his mouth.

I feel uncomfortable having him call his friends' parents or church friends by their first names. I still can't call my friends' parents by their first names! It doesn't offend me when I'm called by my first name by a kid. I just prefer to show respect and be in my proper place. I know Hubby thinks it's weird and would be just fine having his 2 year old call a grown up Allison.

I''m trying to reach a happy medium for us. I've been calling adults Mrs. Jessica which seems to work. I can't figure out if I'm THAT old fashioned or if I just have some amazing manners.


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I'm with you. Maybe it's just the teacher (or the Southerner) in me, but I am NOT okay with a kid calling me Casey. My sister feels the same way so her kids have to at least call me Aunt Casey. It's just more respectful. I think it will help them in the long run too!

Melissa, The Mom said...

My husband and I have the same issue with him being from California and myself being a Georgia girl through and through. Our happy medium has been (and I've noticed a lot of friends doing it as well) to meet in the middle with Mrs. "First Name" or Mr. "First Name" My children call my friends who we are very close and casual with Ms. Cristie etc. Those much older and less familiar are still Mr. or Mrs. Last Name.

d.a.r. said...

I think it is really disrespectful for a child to call and adult by their first name. Hell, until I got married, I called my in-laws "Mr and Mrs". Maybe a good compromise is the Ms Jessica and Mr Bob and Ms Sue, etc.

Sherry said...

We do the Mr. First Name thing, too. It seems to be what most everyone around here does now--except for those who opt for just First Name--which I think is horribly disrespectful (I grew up in Alabama). As we're out in the neighborhood and my son meets kids I usually introduce myself to them like this: "Hi...I'm Gerrick's mom, but you can call me Ms. Sherry." I want to establish my expectations from the get go with kids that I'll be running into from time to time.

Anonymous said...