TLC and Babies

TLC is my companion when Hubby is gone or at work. After The Bear goes to sleep and the house is in relative order, I turn it on. Hubby doesn't ever watch it when he's home which is fine. But, I love it.

Right now, Multitude of Multiples is on. It's a new one for me. It's following families with large order multiples; think Jon & Kate Plus 8 or Table for 12.

A mom carrying quadruplets just found out one of her babies has IUGR. That's what The Bear was diagnosed with. Hers is a very severe case. She's only 28 weeks pregnant which is 12 weeks before the baby is due and 9 before the baby would be considered full term. The doctors told her that the best way to ensure the baby's survival is giving birth immediately.

However, every day she can keep the other babies does major things for their development and growth. When I was pregnant, the doctors told me that every day a baby remains inside the mom is the equivalent as 3 days in the NICU. So keeping the babes in a week longer shaves 21 days off of a NICU stay.

What would you do? Sheer numbers vote 3 to 1 to keep the babies in as long as possible. But, as a mom that just hurts my heart. Can you knowingly let one of your children die when there is only a risk of health issues to the other ones?

Is there a typical answer? Is there a right answer?

EDIT: She chose to wait 2 more weeks until she was 30 weeks. The little girl was stillborn.