Boys, Mickey and Baseball

Hubby has had a crazy schedule and we've been trying to cram in as much possible before he ships back out. The schedule now has him leaving soon and getting back JUST before Baby is due to appear. But, you know it is the Navy. So the schedule changes on at least 3 times a week.

We did find out Baby is a boy. The ultrasound tech actually said "Well, it's pretty obvious" and had his private parts up on the screen. No joke. Hubby and I both could tell. I'm loving the idea of having a house full of boys. We're working out the kinks of bedding and room decoration. By kinks I mean my overly high demands and an exhausted Hubby trying his best. I finally decided to make the boys' duvet covers, pillow cases and curtains. More details will be coming about that grand endeavor. Baby does have a real name now. Hubby wants to wait until Baby arrives to make the big announcement. The middle name is known; it's Hubby's grandfather's name who passed away in January as well as my dad's name. I love middle names that are in honor of someone. The first name is unique (but meets my crazy criteria). Now I just need to come up with a blog name for Baby.

We took a 4 day trip to Disney World. It was insanely exhausting, but we all had fun. The Bear did really well with the early mornings, lack of naps and late nights. He was the one jumping on the bed at 10 pm while Hubby and I were hoping for sleep.

I was surprised how many of the rides The Bear could go on. He loved the characters. He was surprisingly brave walking up to the characters himself and dolling out hugs. Chip & Dale were his favorites.

Hubby and I both had birthdays. Hubby had duty on mine. So even though it was a Sunday, we didn't get to celebrate together. Hubby's was Saturday. He had Friday night duty and the potential of working through his big day, too. Luckily, he got home just in time for us to go to the Cubs v Mets game which was his birthday surprise.

The Bear really does love baseball. It's amazing how into it he gets. He's learning so much all the time, too. He learned that when they pay the Da Da DaDa Daaa music he's supposed to say "Charge!"

I was able to take one of my all time favorite pictures of The Bear there.