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What age is it weird for a parent to change in front of the opposite gender child?

Obviously, when you have an itty bitty baby finding time to change your clothes at all (or caring that you're wearing the same yoga pants for the last 3 days) is a miracle. I personally am super uncomfortable with the idea of changing in front of a 16 year old son.

The Bear is almost 3. For the last few months, I've been making sure he's not in the room when I change. Should he walk in (because he's 2 and doesn't have the greatest awareness of personal boundaries) I don't scream or make a big fuss.

What age makes you uncomfortable? Is it difference for a son/mother than a daughter/father?

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KK said...

I think same-sex makes a difference. Lol this might be odd, but my mom will still change infront of my sisters and I, it's not big deal....but my dad? NO WAY! I can't ever remember him changing anything but his shirt when I was even close.

I don't like changing infront of my son and try my hardest not to(he's 5). But, if he walks in I don't freak out, I just turn around and sometimes remind him that changing is private. This really started around 3-4 with us. It really hit home when he walked in while I was showering and asked me if I was going to wash my nipples......I was done after that. Haha.