not expected

So it's October, and I've decided to come out of my little hole. Now all 3 of you who read will be up to date on the happenings of our little family.

A few weeks ago, my father and step-mom came to visit us. My father had been to our house (almost 2 years ago), but my step-mom never had. They live in Ohio and really had no reason to venture to the Submarine Capital of the World. My step-sister had just moved to the Boston area though, and they had helped her and her family move. We were on the way home so they spent 2 days visiting the boys and seeing the area.

They were talking about how unhappy my step-sister was. She was not a fan of moving. She was not big on being in New England; she doesn't like snow at all. It probably didn't help that the week they moved in was insanely hot (like in the 90s) which never happens around here. I love her, but she was just taking the change hard. She's 29 and has never lived more than 15 minutes from her mom.

I mentioned that I was getting itchy to move. We've lived in this house for 2 1/2 years which is crazy long in military land. We'll find out for sure soon, but there's a really good chance that we'll be here for another 2 years. Almost 5 years in one place is insane. I love the adventure of going new places, making new friends and experiencing things.

My father commented that he thought it was a difference in expectations. I knew when I met, fell in love with, and married Hubby that our life would would lead us all over. I'm game. My step-sister finally just got married in February (They've been together for a long time. They bought a house together. They have a 7 year old daughter together. Just different choices on the marriage thing.) This move caught them both by surprise. He said that she didn't expect to have to move.

I was silent. I was shocked. Isn't that life?

I doubt that anyone ever has their life go exactly as planned. I doubt that when my parents got married they expected to get divorced, my mom end up in Chicago (she hated big cities), and my father in Ohio. We have all these expectations for how our marriages and lives will go, but sometimes it doesn't work that way. No matter how much you plan, there are things out of your control. It irks me that people use that as a crutch. Make the best of what you've been given.

You might move. You might have to leave your mom. You might have to take an awful job. You might end up with no job. You might end up with no kids. You might end up with them a little closer together than you had thought.

Even the best movies have a twist in them. It's what makes life interesting.


Julie the Army Wife said...

That is so true. I didn't even know we would be an Army family when I got married. I didn't know or even imagine we would live overseas. Life is such a surprise sometimes.

MrsPnut said...

I'm so sorry. Families are so hard!

Anonymous said...

Glad your back blogging...we have missed you.