polygamy and the navy

I've recently become obsessed with Sister Wives. It's that crazy show on TLC about the family with 4 wives.

While I am a bad share-er and the whole concept is not for me, I realized there are a lot of creepy similarities between polygamist families and military families.

*They have a rotation for when they sleep with their husband. Now that there are 4 wives, I'm guessing it's an every 4th night thing.
Hubby has a duty rotation for when he sleeps on the boat. Every 3-4 night, he goes away.

*People think they're weird. Who volunteers to share their husband?
People think we're weird. Who volunteers to go without their husband for months at a time?

*They share the childrearing duties. While they each have their own kids, they pitch in to help.
Mil spouses all help each other out. We all pitch in on the days you need the extra hand.

They generally seem happy with the arrangement. While you can always get the soundbite or 30 second meltdown, they all seem genuinely content with their lives. My favorite quote was about how they chose that life.

I might have my moments where the Navy drives me up a wall. We chose this life though. And, we're content with our lives.

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Julie the Army Wife said...

You made some good points. I never thought about it like that but it makes sense. We do have to share our husbands...just glad it isn't with another women...lol