While Hubby was deployed, his truck officially died. It was old and peeling (not rusty, but the paint was peeling off). It was a manual transmission, and I am not talented enough to drive that business. And, it had no backseat so The Bear couldn't travel in it. I did my wifely duty and started it every week(ish). Sadly, since it didn't move and things were leaking, we had to have it towed away.

Hubby got a new car a few weeks ago. He wanted me to bring it into the dealer today so we swapped vehicles for the day.

I never realized how much I had things organized in my car. The Bear and I ran an errand this morning. I had no snacks. No sippy cup. No toys. No stroller. All the stuff that I keep in the car (so my purse isn't ginormous) wasn't there.

I felt completely lost. It was weird to realize how set in my ways I am.