Mom Clothes

My closet is full. Like overflowing and busting at the seams. And, it's a walk in closet. Granted, Hubby and I share a dresser so there I don't have much that's folded. Regardless of this, I have a lot of clothes.

The problem is that there are limited clothes in there that fit my life style AND fit me.

I need comfy mommy clothes that aren't sweatpants but fit my mommy body. I'm back to my pre-Bear size, but I really don't have many options for that. I was working full time so I have lots of dressy clothes, but a limited supply of playground climbing, floor crawling options. Before that, I was in college. The clothes from my senior year fit, but I feel like I want to be slightly dressier than the yoga pants and hoodies. The only other clothes from that era were bar clothes which really would get me noticed at the park. The clothes from the start of college and high school are really getting too small. I can still fit into most of them, but I'm slightly more self conscious of that bit of tummy that shows now than I was 10 years ago.

I don't want to spend gobs of money for new things though.
A) Since I don't work, I find it hard to justify spending gobs of money on myself.
B) I've been holding out some hope that maybe I would slim down a bit. I've accepted my weight, I just wish I was in better shape.
C) We've been talking about having baby 2 sometime in the next year or so. Which would mean the clothes would quickly get replaced with my maternity ones.

I need mom clothes. Clothes that I can move in. Clothes that I can play in. Clothes that won't get me weird looks when I run errands. But, I want to be a cute mom.

A mom that doesn't wear "mom jeans". Just jeans that cover my tush when I bend over, please.


kkrowan said...

Old Navy can be a great place to shop for clothes like that. They aren't very expensive and you can mix and match. They have cute dresses add some black leggings under and you will look great anywhere and if you happen to have another baby it can work then also.

Anonymous said...

I'm exactly the opposite. I have all comfy mom clothes and no casual work clothes. Want to trade?

Andrea said...

I know exactly what you're talking about! I think I have a whole new wardrobe than I did 4 years ago. Its all from Old Navy, Ross, & Target. Comfy, somewhat cute, and fits a different body shape... and cheap because I'm sure it will get a stain at some point. Also I notice I shop for colors and patterns that will easily hide stains! Light, solid colors are a no-go.

Anonymous said...