The Great Car Seat Fight of 2009

It seems amazing that I can already name the greatest car seat fight for the whole year in 2009, but I have a feeling this one is going to be more of a war than a single battle.

The Bear has never been a fan of the car seat. All you moms out there who keep telling me how much your child LOVED the car and your baby always went right to sleep, please shut up. My son does not. He hates the car. I don't know why. But, he does.

The Great Car Seat Fight of 2008 began in February when The Bear was 2 months old. He would scream as loud as he could the entire time he was in the car. I adjusted clothes. I adjusted the straps. I adjusted the sunshade. I adjusted everything. He just didn't like it.

You might think I'm exaggerating. I'm not.
We drove from South Carolina to Illinois - 12 hours.
We drove from the in-laws to my parents' house - 6 hours.
We drove from Illinois to Connecticut - 16 hours.

I would be lying to say he screamed the entire time. I would say it was closer to 32 of the 34 hours. At that point though, it's safe to say he isn't a fan of the car.

The Great Car Seat Fight of 2009 is not as loud. Any time I go to put him in his car seat now (he's moved up to a convertible one), he arches his back and screeches. He's still not happy in it, but he doesn't scream the entire time anymore.

If only there was a way to make it not quite a struggle to get him in. If not, I'm sure all the people in the parking lots will find amusement in the two of us.