Small Talk 6

Hubby has duty today. Duty days on Saturday generally stink. It's hard to feel like weekend when he goes in to work early Saturday and we don't see him until Sunday after church. The timing doesn't work out for him to go with us when he gets home. He's generally stinky and sleepy (love you Hubby).

I found this which will hopefully lift my spirits and give me something to do while The Bear naps. Over at MomDot, I'm supposed to list 6 things I love or hate about spring.

1) Park days! Pre-Bear, I loved going to parks for picnics and swings. Now, I have a reason to go and not get creepy looks.
2) Dresses. It's so fun to be able to wear sundresses. Easy and girly - my perfect combination.
3) No more heat in the house. The static electricity in our house is driving me crazy. I'm done with it!
4) Family walks. I love taking family walks after dinner. I know Hubby won't be home long, but it's the highlight of my day.
5) Pastels. The colors I love seem to be everywhere. The flowers are blooming and the clothes are switching to the pretty colors. I'm not a black wearing person.
6) Attitude shifts. The cold, dreary winter wears on you after awhlie. It's nice to have a fresh, happy outlook when it's sunny and warm outside.


Staci said...

I can't wait to be able to wear cute dresses again too. I'm ready for it to finally be warm!

AJ @ A Little Bit Nutty said...

I am so ready to pull out my spring/summer wardrobe. Especially the flip flops and sandals!

Irene said...

I love wearing flip flops too--and the boys can wear easy to put on sandals too! Yippee!!

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

We do family walks too. I miss doing that in the winter.

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Anonymous said...