family rules

I recently found a fantastic blog post on the pleated poppy. It was linked by someone, but I can't remember who. You MUST go over here to check it out. There are many other people out there copying this idea and posting their own family rules. Just check out the comments section.

I want to make this during this underway. I know The Bear is little (he'll be 2) and Baby isn't even here yet, but I'm going to do it anyways. I'm pregnant; I'm allowed to have moments like this.

Honestly though, I like the idea of having family rules. Rules that apply to all of us (including Hubby and me). Rules that just always have been there hence the making it when he's little thing.

What rules can you think of that would apply to your family? I love most of the ones other people have used, but I need rules that grow with us. She used 16 rules which is a good number to aim for. I love the "never leave angry" one. Something my parents stressed, and I want to pass on is to "Celebrate every day".

Any suggestions?