my name is Stephanie

And, I'm an emotional shopper. I have been attempting to fill this underway without spending money all the time. To be fair to myself, it's not like I'm spending hundreds of dollars. It's just $10 or $15 on a trip to Target. (I know justifying it is really just showing how addicted I am)

It doesn't help matters that The Bear needs something to do most days. He can last maybe one day just hanging out at home, but after that he goes stir crazy. In the summer, we would go to the park a lot. Now that it's getting cooler, we don't last very long there though.

I decided to have a mini photo shoot with The Bear. Besides shopping, I am addicted to taking pictures and Photoshop. Those are free hobbies so Hubby encourages them. We went down to a local beach for the morning. It wasn't too chilly in the sun, and The Bear loved being able to run around the entire beach. It isn't often that you get the whole place to yourself (minus the adorable old couple walking along the water holding hands).

My favorite pictures from our adventure.

Hanging out on the boardwalk

Taking his time on the long walk to the water

Potential life guard in training? I was a life guard for 4 summers, and Hubby was certified to be one.

Taking a break to play in the sand

Hubby should be so proud of me. We didn't step foot in a store and had a great day. He might be shelling out some major dough to send me to therapy for taking too many pictures though. Think there's a contest for most photographed child? If only it awarded Target gift cards as prizes . . .


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