2 Down, Forever to go!

Happy anniversary, Hubby!

In two years, we've:
Honeymooned in Jamaica
Hosted Thanksgiving at our first apartment for both families the day after we got back from the honeymoon (not my brightest idea, but I'm glad we did it)
Hubby graduated
Hubby was commissioned as an Officer
Drove the entire length of Illinois (that's 6 hours folks) on Christmas to be with both families
Moved to South Carolina
Got our puppy
Had the most romantic Valentine's Day ever
Survived power school and shift work at prototype
Took a cruise to the Bahamas
Had a baby (sort of big one)
Moved to Connecticut via Illinois with a baptism and Easter along the way
Lived in a hotel for 3 weeks
Got almost halfway through deployment #1

I'm sure his list would be more like: 2 Cubbie games, 1 Yankee game, 1 Mets game
which is why this picture is so us. He's pretty lovable.

2 years down, forever to go! I love you!

PS. I know it's not technically the 28th yet here, but I'm guessing it is where ever you're out swimming.