Missing hubby

Typically, I like to think that my hubby and I are on fairly even ground. Neither one of us would like to trade places with the other. Neither one of us has the "easy job". He's stuck in a metal tube with 180 other guys, but I have the stinky diapers, screaming and snow to shovel.

It seems pretty fair to me.

Last night, I was knocked down to mere mortal from my mom status though. I'm not sure if it was a bout with an early flu or something I ate, but I was not in good shape. The bear was also not in good shape. He was not sick, but he wanted to be held and entertained.

The bathroom only provides so much entertainment to a 10 month old. I finally had a long enough break to quickly get him ready for bed and in his crib. He was mad. But, at the point his screaming was not a top priority. He was fed, clean and safe. Happiness had to be put aside for the evening.

It was one of the few times where I was floundering. I needed hubby. Or my mom. Or a mute button. I am so very grateful hubby will only be gone 6 months. I can't imagine being in that situation with a toddler. Or multiple kids. Single moms - you're amazing. You have my respect.